Compiling MEncoder with CUDA OWΒΆ

MEncoder 64 bit builds are currently tricky (though this is changing), so we will make a 32 bit build.

The overcomplete wavelet solution is set up with two projects, one that creats the overcomplete wavelet DLL that links to the CUDA DLL and one GUI project that uses the DLL. The OW DLL project is set up for both x86 and x64 builds while the OW GUI project is set up only for 64 bit builds.

  1. In VC++, switch the OW DLL project over to x86 Release build targets and build it. The OW GUI project won’t build in 32 bit.

  2. To compile MEncoder, we need MinGW and MSYS. MinGW is a port of GCC that creates native Windows executables. MSYS is a port of BASH for Windows that juggles paths around to make things look like a Unix environment.

    • Install MinGW in C:\MinGW
    • Install MSYS in C:\MSYS. * Only need MSYS Base System. * Type “c:/mingw” (without the quotes) when prompted. Note the forward slash.
  3. Copy ow.h from this project to C:\msys\1.0\local\include (Create the directory if required).

  4. Copy the x86 Release version of ow.dll that you just compiled to C:\msys\1.0\local\lib (Create the directory if required).

  5. Add local lib and include dir to GCC:

    • Start MSYS BASH by double clicking the icon on the desktop.

    • Create a specs file:

      $ gcc -dumpspecs > specs
    • Move specs file to /mingw/lib/gcc/mingw32/<version>/specs, where <version> is the gcc version number. This folder will already exist.

    • Open the specs file.

    • Add include directories to the search path:

      Modify the *cpp: section:

      *cpp: %{posix:-D_POSIX_SOURCE} %{mthreads:-D_MT}


      *cpp: %{posix:-D_POSIX_SOURCE} %{mthreads:-D_MT} -I c:/msys/1.0/local/include
    • Add lib directories to the search path:

      Modify the *link_libgcc: section:

      *link_libgcc: %D


      *link_libgcc: %D -L c:/msys/1.0/local/lib
    • Save the specs file. Make sure you save the specs file with UNIX line endings.

  6. Download the source snapshot .bz2 file of x264 and move it into your MSYS home folder. The home folder was created when you installed MSYS and matches your Windows username.

  7. Unzip and build x264:

    $ tar xjf x264...
    $ cd x264...
    $ ./configure
    $ ./make
    $ ./make install
  8. Download the source snapshot .bz2 file of MPlayer into move into your MSYS home folder.

  9. Unzip MPlayer:

    $ tar xjf mplayer...
  10. Replace C:\msys\1.0\home\...\libmpcodecs\vf_ow.c with vf_ow_cuda.c (vf_ow_cuda.c must be renamed to vf_ow.c)

  11. Build MPlayer and MEncoder::

    $ cd mplayer... $ ./configure –extra-libs=-low $ ./make

  12. Copy /bin/mencoder.exe to Windows. Copy the previously compiled ow.dll to same Windows folder.